About Us

Legacy Reporting is owned and operated by Maleana Mann. Maleana has worked as a stenographer in Jacksonville, Florida for more than nine years. Throughout her career as a stenographer, she has maintained her professional affiliations and memberships with the National Court Reporters Association and the Florida Court Reporters Association to build upon her education, accent her credentials and marketability. Through the years she has continued to build upon her skills and knowledge, staying up-to-date with the most recent technological advances offered in the profession, setting higher standards of quality and productivity.

Through her years of working as a reporter, Maleana has established a loyal client base that appreciates and values the pride and professionalism that she takes in her work. With a strong work ethic and desire to maintain her reputation within the legal community, clients know that they can trust her company to meet their deadlines and deliver an accurate and dependable record.

Maleana moved to Nassau County in September of 2007. Since living within the county, she has observed the growth of the legal community and recognized the demand for services within her profession. Her company will bring a vital, sought-after resource to the county, exceeding expectations by providing a service that will assist the legal community in their continued growth and success.